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We have decided to make a Valentine's Day Guide for couples and single friends. You can send these to a lover, a best friend or even yourself. Check it out:Valentine’s Day is almost here, and thus, more and more people have started to talk about it. There are many people who will celebrate it, but on the [...]

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Single Awareness Day

ahhhh, Valentine's Day, a good day for some,a horrid day for others. A day to remind you that you are going to die alone, as people around you eat chocolates and get teddy bears. Well we have decided to dedicate the Dark Hearts Collection to all our single ladies ! We call this day: Single Awareness [...]

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We've been obsessed about the various musical playlists designer and blogger Margaux Lonnberg creates. We aren't sure if she is mixing them herself or just curating them but either way they are great. It reminds us of vintage MTV's House of Style music from the early 1990s. Check it out. 

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Interview With Camila Low aka Camila Killa

We found CamilaLow/Camila Killa months ago with no idea who she was. There was endless post with her beautiful face, amazing tattoos and awe of "the-devil-may-care" attitude but no name and no way to find. Then on a chance encounter we found her and interviewed her. Read below to learn more about her! Name:Camila Ericka Lowlocation:Los [...]

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USPS Christmas Delays

Welcome to the nightmare before Christmas. Please keep your hands and legs inside the car at all times.Due to delays within the United States Postal Service, we can not guarantee shipment arrival by December 25th- Christmas. We will be creating and shipping each order as soon as possible but due to forces beyond our control once [...]

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Interview With Nicole Wong

We've been following Nicole Wong's blog since about 2012. So we jumped at the opportunity to ask her questions and see her in BLK AND NOIR !Name: Nicole WongLocation: +65 SingaporeDescribe your jewellery style in your own words? Chunky, bold, layered and bling.Where does the inspiration come from? Did you always like this style? i have always dress very [...]

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Dark Hearts Re-Imagined

We are gradually updating all the heart necklaces. We had to selected a new types of hearts, because we sold out of the old ones. Shame, because we really liked those hearts. However, these new hearts are better shaped, shinier, and slightly larger. 1.Fuck You Heart Necklace2.Can U Not Heart Necklace3.Go Away Heart Necklace4.Fuck Off Heart [...]

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A.Silver Plated Rolo Cable Chain- has a more rounded loops vs a regular cable chain. Curb chain is a great choice for unisex jewelry. Also can be a bit edgy.B.Silver Plated Cable Chain- our most common chain. Cable chains are a great option if you want a delicate or dainty jewelry. Cable chains are often [...]

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The Meaning of Gemstones

We have a couple of stones that we sell here. It is always great to know the history, hidden meanings and fun things about the gemstones you are wearing. So here are a couple of our favorites. Notice we didn't include Crystal Quartz. Thats because we have set aside a major lesson on everything you need [...]

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Life Around Here

Working on the new pieces adding to the signature collection The Minimalist. The Minimalist is our collection from two years ago that we have kept going since then. Sleek lines and smooth shapes that shows that "there is beauty in simplicity."This time around, its much more unisex that can be wear by women and men [...]

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