Ever wondered how big or small some of our jewelry is? Well here is a little cheat sheet to figure it out. We usually give measurements in mm but converting that can be hard. Although a Google search or even a phone app can really help we are going to break it down for you using conversion and even common items to get an idea of how big or small some of our jewelry will be.


31.8mm = 1.25 inch= A US 50 cent piece.

25.4mm = 1 inch = Things that are 1 inch? a US Quarter.

22.2mm = 7/8 inch= Slightly larger than a nickel.

19mm = ¾ inch = A happy medium between a US Penny and a US Dime.

15.9mm = 5/8 inch= Smaller than a US Dime.

12.7mm = ½ inch = simply a half of an inch on a ruler (look at one inch on a ruler and cut it in half.



What about chain length for your necklaces?


We sell our necklaces in 5 main sizes, although we do accept customizations for whatever length you may like.


16 inches = usually on our dainty jewelry meant to meet at your collarbone, like a center piece for your neck.


17 inches = almost sits at your collarbone but not quite, it gives your jewelry attention but not too much.


18 inches = This is the average lengths of most necklaces you will buy anywhere, like the mall or most jewelry stores. It sits right below your collarbone.


20 inches = The perfect medium for being not too long. 


24 inches = Unisex. Sits in the middle of your chest.