The Great Thing About Rhodium Plated Jewelry

What is Rhodium you may ask? Rhodium is a chemical element that is very bright in color and highly resistant to tarnishing in the Platinum family.



There are two versions of Rhodium: Imitation Rhodium Plate and Rhodium Plate.
Rhodium can be plated on top of many different metals, such as Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper, Alloy Base Metals and the list goes on.

The best thing about Rhodium Plated jewelry is its tarnish-resistance (resistant-- not tarnish-proof) to outside forces such as sweat, oils, and other things that affect jewelry color depending on what it is plated on top of. The visual aspect that is also good is its brightness; it has a beautiful brilliant white color similar to Platinum. While Sterling Silver is brighter than Stainless Steel or Titanium, it is darker without Rhodium and can become quite dull with wear. Rhodium Plate over Sterling Silver gives it a super bright color that is tarnish-resistance, especially when you leave it sitting out ---which is a trait of .925 Silver. In spite of .925 Sterling Silver being a precious metal, Silver has a habit of tarnishing when left sitting out without being protected in plastic or velvet. However, the tarnish isn't permanent and can be easily removed with a cloth, however, I find, once you start the initial tarnish, you find yourself always cleaning it. Imitation Rhodium over more affordable metals like Copper and Brass also has a highly reflective coat, while lasting a long time with normal wear.

Almost all of our products have a Rhodium or Imitation Rhodium plate for long-term wear. When you read our jewelry descriptions you can see where it states whether or not it is a Rhodium Plated. We find with Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plate provides long wear in various types of atmospheres. For our more affordable rhodium plated jewelry over Brass or Copper, we find that the product can survive everyday wear if you keep it away from oils and harsh conditions, but can polish up nicely if you find it becoming a little dull. Although we don't recommend wearing your jewelry in harsh environments, the Rhodium makes it durable to normal daily wear. Of course, nothing is as durable as Stainless Steel (which most of our chains are made of) or Titanium, however with Rhodium Plated jewelry you still have a chance at a beautiful bright silver finish for an affordable price.