The year is 2015 and the USPS as we know it is not dead, but even worse than ever. Before we could promise our customers fast and reliable shipments. Most of our shipments arrived by Domestic in America as early as 2 days and as late at 4 days. We were like Express Shipping but without the cost of $30 and your first born. Well as it seems, those days are over. USPS shipping is wonky and thats putting it nicely. Your item tracking says it should have arrived Tuesday, well guess what it did, the next Tuesday. The item you order one state over didn’t just come to your house, it has to pass over somewhere 5 states over then double back to you. Priority shipping promised you 2-3 days, then why is it 2 weeks later? What happened? USPS had to cut their budget. In November, what we thought was just a holiday problem turned out to be a permanent problem. We have customers worried, wondering if we aren’t shipping fast enough.But what does that matter if you ship the order the day after it is received but it takes the post office 10-15 days for it to get there? Currently we have lowered our shipping cost and even implemented a new offer of FREE SHIPPING on orders over $35. Is it enough? We aren’t sure yet. We know American customers don’t want to pay $10 shipping if we go with UPS and Fed Ex. And we are quite certain International Customers don’t want to pay $30-50 and their soul to ship it to their country. So currently we are sticking with USPS until we have a better solution or another shipping company steps up to the plate. In the meantime what can you do?


If you find that your tracking information is loopy, past the date or not working, this is for you. 

Please follow these steps.


Every customer received a tracking number(or two) by email as soon as their item is shipped. 


  1. Go to that email and press the link through the tracking information. For US customers the number starts with 9, for international customers it starts with L. If you can’t find the link instead go to!input.action
  2. You will see your tracking information and on the right hand side see “Available Actions”
  3. Press “Email Updates”
  4. Enter your name and email address
  5. Select Send me all activity until this point AND Send me all future activity for this item
  6. Press the “Get Updates” and you will receive a confirmation


Within 24 hours you will initially receive all of the current updates and with each new scan you will receive an update. Be prepared to receive as many as 5-10 updates depending on how many scans/cities is necessary for it to get to your location.

Option 2: Call Them

This option isn't as easy or fun(then again none of this is fun is it?). But we found a website that helps you get a human being over a robot. Use the website GetHuman, it will provide you with numbers and what to press to get a live person. And this is what will happen:

1. You will speak with someone who will ask for your tracking number, your name and a number to call you back at

2.You will receive a case number

3.Your package will see tracking in 24-48 hours.. If you do not receive a call or see tracking. Call again with your case number



When you initiate receiving updates, we find that makes USPS mailman/carrier decide to actually scan your packages in the system instead of shoveling them around with no info at all. Before November 2014, all of this wasn’t necessary but it seems like for the USPS it is the new normal.