USPS Post Office Woes

USPS Post Office Woes

BLK AND NOIR on 6th Aug 2020

We have been using the United States Postal Services for almost a decade and after thousands of packages successfully delivered it seems they are possibly under systematic attack. If you have noticed, since the beginning of the pandemic, mail may have begun to get slower. Yes, the pandemic indeed compromised a lot of workers' health and safety,but it isn't alone is why they are having trouble. There have been talks for years about defunding the post office and making it a private business. The American postal service is not a business, it is a SERVICE and an American right. Our postal service is the sign of a free country and a competent society. When society begins to fall, government services such as this one are the first to falter. The post office has provided our company the opportunity to send packages all over the globe for an affordable price and in a timely matter. We have sent thousands over the years and have lost less than fifty ; and most that were lost were usually due to outside forces (once you get to a certain country you have to hand off the mail to that country's post office).

We are not a political entity, however something must be said. As of this year, Donald J. Trump has decided to make one of his donors,General Louis DeJoy, the head postmaster of the American post office. A postmaster who has NEVER worked in the postal service a day in his life. Sure he has worked in logistics, but we're sure there was someone more qualified and have a better connection to our postal service than someone who has million dollar investments in the competition of our post office!

It is a general consensus that not only is the post office being sabotaged to piss off enough citizens that people will welcome the privatization but that they want to delegitimize the postal service to make our upcoming presidential election invalid or skew the results.  Workers are being told to leave mail overnight instead of delivering it, causing it to pile up; workers overtime is being cut to encourage them not to finish their routes and many other disasters. All of this absurdity, affects not just us running a business, but many other citizens who rely on the mail service to receive medicine, checks, bills, and any other items they may need.

It is UN-American and illegal for these things to happen and don't believe otherwise. If you think destroying a service that so many rely on is normal or not an orchestration, you are choosing to be ignorant. Once again, we hate it has to come to this, we just want to provide happiness and fun jewelry to our customers but it seems that will be hard during this time.

We just want to say that we are open, we are shipping, but things may move slower than usual. Don't fret, your package is not lost, follow your tracking, contact us if you need help, but the USPS is intentionally being slowed for reasons beyond our control.

If you want to help stop the destroying of the American Post Office, please join the:

Restore The Post Office petition,

Contribute in some way,

Buy stamps,send letters!

Something.. ANYTHING!

We apologize for the manufactured inconvenience. 



image credit: Burton Durand

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