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Wearing Black Everyday

Posted by BLK AND NOIR on

The color black is beautiful sophisticated and poetic. And there are many pros and cons to wearing black every day.


+ You always look dressed up,sexy,sophiscated or just right at whatever event you’re

+ You look slimmer

+ Washing is very easy because everything is the same color

+ Black goes with everything

+ It’s easy to pick an outfit

+ It’s affordable because you can mix and match pieces and have a completely different outfit

+ It just looks good!


+ Everything in your closet blends together so you can't find what you're looking for

+ People assume that you're repeating the same clothes

+ If you live in hell a.k.a. the hot climate place get very hot

+ People assume that you're depressed or mix with the dark arts (this has happened to me several times in my life)

+ People try to get you to wear colors all the time…. But black is a color… So is obsidian, charcoal,coal,sable and onyx.

But to us the pros outweigh the negative....

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