Mary Stuart: May She Reign

Mary Stuart: May She Reign

BLK AND NOIR on 1st Jun 2015


We've been obsessed with timepiece shows and films as of late. I now realize my elementary and high school education didn't really cover European royalty so this is a whole new world. From Mary Queen of Scots, to Outlander, to the Borgias, and other fiction and non-fictional tales. Currently one of my favorite shows is Reign and Outlander. I do plan to watch the French movie : Mary, Queen of Scots (2013) but I want the spoiler free joy of watching Reign (although I know her end). On to the point, Outlander reference that they stole a silver skull head timepiece that belong to Mary Stuart. Although it was quite plain replica they showed in the series I was still intrigued. Well color me shocked that I always had the photo pinned to my Pinterest for years and never knew it.

This is the sterling silver skull watch that Mary Stuart carried with her .The inscription says: Pale death visits with impartial foot the cottages of the poor and castles of the rich’. -Horace,poet


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