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About a year or two ago, I met this amazing artist on eBay (don't ask me how) and I just had to share him with you guys. Meet Julius Juul, the 20 something digital artist,photographer, fashion designer,creative director and part time model (you'll see why) ! Here is a short interview on his fashion and jewelry [...]

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NameJoyce MeursingLocationThe NetherlandsOccupationFreelance photographer/video-grapher and blogger Describe your jewelry style in your own wordsWhen it comes to jewelry I more the kind of girl that goes for a more minimal style. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but when I do it's mostly really fine and gold.Where does the inspiration comes from? Did you always [...]

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Name: DaniélaLocation: -Occupation: StudentDescribe your jewelry style in your own words?Simple and discreet, and at the same time definitely not. Where does the inspiration come from? Did you always like this style?Well I get my inspiration from different places, usually instagram or tumblr. But at the same time I usually stick withwhat I like and it [...]

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Featured On Introvertology

Last week one of our necklaces was featured on 10 Introvert Etsy Finds for a website dedicated to Introverts called  Introvertology. We are so happy and proud because this is what theAntiSocial Heart Necklace represents but in a cute,funny way! 

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The Purple Wedding - Valar Morghulis Bracelet

SPOILERS AHEADWell Game of Thrones last night was ridiculous. Who saw that coming? All though King Joffrey deserved it, I thought that death was too quick and too merciful. For all the gory death's we saw in past seasons from being decapitated, to burned alive, to watching your wife and child and mother all slashed [...]

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Don't Be Afraid To Be Bold

Here are some weekly photos and couple ads we have created. Isn't it just scandalous to have such classy jewelry and photos say such vulgar things? That's the great things about boldness, you get to take risks anyway you want. "Everyone admires the bold; no one honors the timid." - Robert GreeneThese are our Silver Angel Wings [...]

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Jewelry Style Interview With Sofie Kerkhofs

We often like to work with bloggers! Our favorite region of bloggers come from the Netherlands and Scandavia, so we were so excited when we had the change to work with the lovely Sofie Kerkhofs . Usually we don't publish the interviews we have with bloggers but for the first time we have decided to [...]

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First Kiss by WREN

Its not as awkward as you thought it would be. Quite beautiful. Directed by Tatia PIlieva

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Please Feel Free To Piss In The Garden

Only Lovers Left AliveThe Only Lovers Left Alive is one of thee best films I have seen in a while. Its not one of those action packed, climaxed movies. Only Lovers Left Alive is more of A slice of life film --about vampires. The kind of films where it feels like a reality show but it isn’t. Its [...]

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All About .925 Sterling Silver

What is Silver?Silver is a gray precious metal that is most commonly used for jewelry, table silver, art and industrial uses. Before the 18th century, silver was as valuable as gold. The reason for it being as valuable as gold is it was once not found in many places. Once the discovery of so much silver in America, the price [...]

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