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Jewelry Inspiration: Mary Sibley

Mary Sibley is the main character and possible lead villain of the WGN series “Salem, played by Janet Montgomery” This TV series is now on its second season and we can't help but be inspired by her dark style. Mary Sibley ceases the most popular in her town of Salem,not where the townspeople lead the Salem Witch Trials but [...]

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New Arrivals

We have created some shiny, new pieces of jewelry. These pieces are sleek,smooth and high polished. They are really simple and modern but when you put them on they really stand out. Its like they are understated but make a statement simultaneously. Click here to see our new arrivals 

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Interview With Sophia Molen

We interviewed fashion blogger Sophia Molen of Tao of Sophia on what is her jewelry style and current inspirations. Minimal Coin Silver Necklace | Minimal Silver Bar Necklace |Tiny Silver Triangle Necklace Name: Sophia Molen Location: Amsterdam, but currently residing in Algarve, Portugal Occupation:  Web designer and developer. Owner of Blog and The City and blogger at Tao of Sophia. Describe your [...]

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Selena Quintanilla Perez- 20 Years

Its really been 20 years since the late,great Selena Quintanilla Perez passed on after being murdered by president of her fan club.. She was so young and had so much promise and still two decades later, is gone too soon.

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Paris Is Burning

You know that house music you use to hear in the late 80s/90s? It's that high fashion,runway, MTV's "House of Style" music. The kind of music you hear and you just feel motivated to make a dress by hand or drink fancy drinks in your name brand fashion clothes with your creative and hot model friends. [...]

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The Sacred Heart Necklace

Here we have a new vintage style Sacred Heart Necklace in Gold. The sacred heart charm is a piece from the 1800s that has been replicated into a 22k gold charm. We chose this charm because it reminded us of Baz Luhrmann's 1996 Romeo + Juliet. This version of Romeo and Juliet is the most beautiful [...]

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Interview With Sarah Von Kate AKA Devilette

Name:Sarah Kate (Devilette)Location: NYCOccupation: Visual Merchandise Management/Real EstateDescribe yourself? I'm fucked up. But I'm graceful in my madness.What does your style come from? Your inspirations?I follow a ton of illustrators, comic/manga artists and character designers and glean a lot of my style inspiration from their creations. I am also under great influence of HR Giger and his realm [...]

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Sleek and Smooth

Limited Edition Engraved Hearts $40-50The Minimalist Collection has been updated. Its probably our longest lasting collection that keeps building. It was started in 2011. This was our original goal. However, we decided that we couldn't just be dark and modern, we had to be dark and romantic too! We wanted our customers to have  a [...]

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Adult Goth?

It comes in every young goth's life that he/she must put away the white makeup and move into the new age. Luckily in the year 2015, there are many outlets that can teach you how to style your darker style in a more sophisticated way. We try to do "adult goth-lite" really when it comes [...]

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Inspiration: Karla Deras

We've been following Karla Deras since 2009 and we love how her style has evolved from a teen to young woman. Her style is sexy,minimalistic,grown and luxurious. Karla has a sort of swag that only she could pull off the look on the various risky and edgy things she wears. She also gives me 1990s [...]

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