The Downside of Clear Rubber Earring Backs

The Downside of Clear Rubber Earring Backs

BLK AND NOIR on 8th Nov 2018

Silver Om Earrings

Rubber earring backs? 

You think, "wow, clear earring backs, these are great, they fit on everything and are comfortable!" and that's true, rubber earring backs feel great, conceal well and fit on almost any earring post. However, there is a downside if your earrings are something you plan to wear every day, sleep in, shower in, get water on. Those transparent earring backs can warp, change the size or completely tighten around the earring post, trapping the earring in your ear. 

I have had this issue twice. The first time I thought, maybe it's just something I did wrong, maybe the post was wrong. The result was me cutting the earring out of my ear with cutting pliers(ouch!). Scary stuff right? Imagine if I didn't know how to use jewelry pliers! Not only that, I ruined a pair of precious sterling silver earrings. I later tried with a different pair of earrings, with different backs, and same result. I again ruined a good pair of earrings and had to cut an earring out of my ear. 

So what are some good types of earring backs to use? The most commonly used earring backs are butterfly backs. We almost exclusively use these. The great thing about butterfly backs is if you know how to use jewelry pliers, you can adjust them to fix any earring. Another favorite we love (but less used) is screwback earrings, which is great for fresh piercings or people who have trouble with healing after piercings. Screwback earrings allow your ear to expand in case of swelling after piercings or to give your ear room to breathe. 

In conclusion, we aren't saying you can't use the rubber earring backs at all, but we recommend you only use them for earrings that won't be on you for every moment.