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Inspiration: Marion Silver

Posted by BLK AND NOIR on

 Poor little rich girl Marion Silver. 

Marion Silver is from Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem For A  Dream. Let us warn you, this movie is a masterpiece, but this film is also the kind of film that could make a grown man cry. Marion is a rich girl with a messed up family who meets Harry. They come together to deal drugs in hopes to raise money for the American Dream. Well lets just say, its called Requiem for A Dream for a reason. Marion doesn’t wear much jewelry but her style of dress and makeup is quite dark but with this kind of movie I guess she wouldn’t be wearing a sundress now would she? 

What would Marion wear? We assume something simple with meaning. A jewelry piece that has sentimental value that she couldn't lose when she is enduring all she has to.

Sterling Silver Love Ring

Sterling Silver Dream Ring

Sterling Silver Believe Ring


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