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Mary Stuart: May She Reign

Posted by BLK AND NOIR on


We've been obsessed with timepiece shows and films as of late. I now realize my elementary and high school education didn't really cover European royalty so this is a whole new world. From Mary Queen of Scots, to Outlander, to the Borgias, and other fiction and non-fictional tales. Currently one of my favorite shows is Reign and Outlander. I do plan to watch the French movie : Mary, Queen of Scots (2013) but I want the spoiler free joy of watching Reign (although I know her end). On to the point, Outlander reference that they stole a silver skull head timepiece that belong to Mary Stuart. Although it was quite plain replica they showed in the series I was still intrigued. Well color me shocked that I always had the photo pinned to my Pinterest for years and never knew it.

This is the sterling silver skull watch that Mary Stuart carried with her .The inscription says: Pale death visits with impartial foot the cottages of the poor and castles of the rich’. -Horace,poet


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Inspiration: Marion Silver

 Poor little rich girl Marion Silver.  Marion Silver is from Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem For A  Dream. Let us warn you, this movie is a masterpiece, but this film is also the kind of film that could make a grown man cry. Marion is a rich girl with a messed up family who meets Harry. [...]

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Inspiration: Marla Singer

"Marla's philosophy of life is that she might die at any moment. The tragedy, she said, was that she didn't."          Marla Singer is caring and careless. She’s everything and nothing at all. Marla considers herself a waste of space but she has fun doing it. She has that “the devil may care [...]

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Inspiration: Amy Blue

Amy Blue is one of the three main characters in Gregg Araki’s The Doom Generation played by Rose McGowan. The Doom Generation is about three young adults on an accidental crime spree as they learn what it means to be young,hopeless in America’s 1990s (if only they could see what was coming in the 2000s,lol). [...]

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Jewelry Inspiration: Mary Sibley

Mary Sibley is the main character and possible lead villain of the WGN series “Salem, played by Janet Montgomery” This TV series is now on its second season and we can't help but be inspired by her dark style. Mary Sibley ceases the most popular in her town of Salem,not where the townspeople lead the Salem Witch Trials but [...]

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Selena Quintanilla Perez- 20 Years

Its really been 20 years since the late,great Selena Quintanilla Perez passed on after being murdered by president of her fan club.. She was so young and had so much promise and still two decades later, is gone too soon.

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The Sacred Heart Necklace

Here we have a new vintage style Sacred Heart Necklace in Gold. The sacred heart charm is a piece from the 1800s that has been replicated into a 22k gold charm. We chose this charm because it reminded us of Baz Luhrmann's 1996 Romeo + Juliet. This version of Romeo and Juliet is the most beautiful [...]

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Inspiration: Karla Deras

We've been following Karla Deras since 2009 and we love how her style has evolved from a teen to young woman. Her style is sexy,minimalistic,grown and luxurious. Karla has a sort of swag that only she could pull off the look on the various risky and edgy things she wears. She also gives me 1990s [...]

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We've been obsessed about the various musical playlists designer and blogger Margaux Lonnberg creates. We aren't sure if she is mixing them herself or just curating them but either way they are great. It reminds us of vintage MTV's House of Style music from the early 1990s. Check it out. 

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First Kiss by WREN

Its not as awkward as you thought it would be. Quite beautiful. Directed by Tatia PIlieva

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