Hexagon Charm Necklace

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Product Description

Customized Hexagon Charm Necklace in Silver or Gold.


  • The hexagon charm measures 14 x 16mm.
  • It is available in silver or gold.
  • The silver charm is rhodium-plated over copper and has an extra layer of anti-tarnish coating.
  • The gold charm is 16k gold plated over copper which also comes with a layer of anti-tarnish coating.
  • Both chains are stainless steel with the gold version being gold plate over stainless steel.
  • The chain lengths available are 18", 20", and 24".


Style Options: 

We offer two styles of wording: Normal and Random Choice. Please see the photographs for examples.

Normal: Can fit 3-4 lines how many words or letters depending on what you would like to say. Unless your phrase or sentences are too long, you can fit 5-6 words or up to 20 characters. Please email us if you would like to go over some ideas together.

Random: Can fit 3-4 words with up to 5-6 characters each. 

About the Font and Letters

It comes ONLY in uppercase.

Numbers 0-9 are available.

Other Symbols: (you can write it out or copy and paste the symbol)

Open heart ♡ and closed heart ♥ 

Triangle Δ

Diamond ♢

Star ☆

Circle ○

Punctuation ? - ! @ # $ & * > + = ( )


Please type it exactly as you want it to appear. Please be advised: We reserve the right to contact you if we think the design will not fit, does not look right, or if it is written incorrectly. Those who fail to reply may see their order canceled and refunded.


Don't know what to say? Here are some ideas -> CUSTOM WORD IDEAS

About Handstamping vs. Machine

Our customized jewelry is handmade, literally. We do not use machines or devices, just our lovely hands! Each necklace is hand stamped and made to order. Each piece is unique to you. Also, note that hand stamping can leave light abrasions on the back of the metal blank. Though we are not machines, we try to be as accurately aligned as humanly possible. We find that by hand each piece becomes more special and not mass-production-like. 

Customized necklaces are perfect for any occasion or person such as a friend, sister, mother or lover. This hexagon shape is also unisex, therefore a perfect choice for a man or woman.



Note: PERSONALIZED ITEMS ARE CONSIDERED CUSTOM ORDERS AND ARE FINAL SALE. Please take this into consideration when purchasing.