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Product Description

Personalized ID Tag nameplate necklace.

  • In silver or gold.
  • Get anything you like on this nameplate as long as it fits.
  • The amount of characters it can fit depends on the font/words chosen, so it can range from (10-17)
  • The bar plate is rhodium-plated or 16k plated for gold.
  • Bar measures 36mm long.
  • Comes on 18-inch stainless steel or gold plated over stainless steel chain.

Characters available are UPPERCASE and LOWERCASE alphabet for Times Roman, Just UPPERCASE for all Minimal fonts. Numbers 0-9. Additional characters available are an open and closed heart as well as general punctuation. 


Other Symbols:

An open heart ♡ and closed heart ♥ 

Triangle Δ



Punctuation ? - ! @ # $ & * > + 

  • Outline or no outline? We can leave the engraved item as is(no outline), or we can darken the text (darken outline, gold is better with no outline). 

As you can see, our customized jewelry is handmade, literally. We do not use machines or devices, just our lovely hands! Each necklace is hand stamped and made to order. Each piece is unique to you. Also, note that hand stamping leaves light abrasions on the back of the metal blank. Though we are not machines, we try to be as aligned as humanly possible but it is not a perfect science. We find that by hand each piece becomes more special and not mass-production-like. 

Don't know what to say? Here are some ideas -> CUSTOM WORD IDEAS


Note: Stock photo is just a sample, it is available for sale. 

All custom items are final sale at the moment of creation and cannot be altered, changed or refunded.

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