Jewelry Style Interview With Sofie Kerkhofs

BLK AND NOIR on 19th Mar 2014

We often like to work with bloggers! Our favorite region of bloggers come from the Netherlands and Scandavia, so we were so excited when we had the change to work with the lovely Sofie Kerkhofs . Usually we don't publish the interviews we have with bloggers but for the first time we have decided to do so! Also we have decided to collaboration with Sofie on a giveaway to pick one of the three items we sent her! 

Here is Sofie's interview on her jewelry style and how she selects jewelry!

Describe your jewelry style in your own words?

My jewelry style is minimalistic, less is more! You would never see me wear more than two pieces mixed together, I let the jewelry stand out. Sometimes crazy ones, but most of the time they have an industrial or geometric style. I love to wear statement pieces to give an outfit a little extra.

Where does the inspiration come from? Did you always like this style?

I get my inspiration from everything; weblogs, webshops, magazines, accessories at home, people on the street. There isn't a place where I can't get my inspiration from. I used to wear more colors than I do now and at the time I also wore bold colored jewelry. Back then I bought a lot of "cheaper" jewelry without searching for beautiful items. Right now I invest in jewelry. Pieces that are handmade, have a special background or the ones that are too beautiful/special to not buy.

Who's your favorite jewelry designer/place to buy?

I haven't got one special designer/place where I buy my jewelry at the moment. I am absolutely in love with my industrial looking limited edition bracelet which blogger AfterDRK designed for Maison de Bonneterie and wear this every single day. But I am also still very happy with my big statement earrings I bought at River Island. As long as I find them special enough, I will buy them.

Do you prefer silver or gold? and why?

At the moment I'm more of a golden girl, but that can change in a few years. I used to wear silver all the time, as many people said gold and blonde hair didn't work out and could look very cheap. I disagree! I love different golden tones, like rose gold for example. I do try to avoid the fake yellow-ish gold.

So what are we giving away?

plain disc necklace, sofie noir version

gold crystal raw quarts necklace

shit happens bracelet 



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