All About Rock Crystal Quartz

BLK AND NOIR on 15th Feb 2014

All About Rock Crystal Quartz

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What is Rock Crystal Quartz?

Rock Crystal Quartz is a clear transparent stone that resembles a cube of ice. Crystallos is the ancient Greek word for “ice”. Since the beginning of tie to the middle ages, rock crystal quartz was initially believed to be petrified ice.

Healing Properties

When applied to the body, it is believed to reduce pain and fever. When grounded into a fine powder was believed to be a cure for dysentery and could help calm fevers when placed on hot skin. It was also to believe help nursing mothers keep an even flow of milk. Crystal quartz can help awaken numb parts of the body. When cold crystals can also slow minor bleeding.

Supernatural properties

Since the stone’s clairvoyance represents clear vision, hence why quartz are also used in crystal balls.Buddhists use quartz to achieve enlightenment. Native Americans considered the clear crystal quartz to be a good hunting amulet. Natives also thought that crystal quartz was living entity.While the people of the mountains believed it to be gods and spirits lived in mansions made of crystals.

Zodiac Signs

Rock crystal is associated with the zodiac signs: Gemini, Capricorn, and Leo.


There are five elements of the world: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the lesser-known Aether (known as “Akasha” in India).Aether is the material that fills the territory of the cosmos above the sublunary sphere.

Other uses

When placed in direct sunlight like a magnifying glass, the result heat can set fire to things like wood. In older times it was used it for this purpose.Also Roman solders used the same method to treat their wounds

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Cool Facts

When charged with electricity quartz crystal quartz will vibrate very regularly hence why quartz is sometimes used in watches, clocks and many other timepieces.

Cleaning Care

Rock crystal can be cleansed once a month. For cosmetic purposes keep crystal out of direct sunlight.


Rock crystal quartz comes in a couple of colors such as clear, white and transparent. There is other variation of crystal quartz, like rose quartz, which is pink.


The hardness scale is used for gemstones to measure how strong a stone is, and how well it can weather in certain elements and conditions. The hardness scale measures 1 to 10, 1 (soapstone) being the softest and 10 being the hardest (diamonds). On hardness scale rock crystal quartz is a 7, which means it is extremely solid.

Where can you find crystal quartz?

We sell several crystal quartz necklaces in three different metals.

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Each of our crystal quartz is made to order and is unique. You can select what kind of stone you like if you prefer it longer,clearer,smaller or we can pick it for you.  It also available in three metals,which are all plated.Those three metals are silver,gold, and gunmetal.

Furthermore, crystals can be found worldwide. It is especially common in Brazil, the Alps and USA (like Arkansas and New Mexico, Texas). In fact there is a very popular crystal cave in Texas, called the "The Cave of Sonora"