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DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any damage YOU cause to your jewelry. However, we will give advice on how to make your jewelry last.

Each jewelry piece states it's production metal in the product description. Depending on how you treat your jewelry ,determines whether it can last years or months.

The use of fluids (perfume,oils,lotions) on or near the jewelry or on the part of your skin where you wear the jewelry on can produce tarnishing.

Simple costume jewelry requires the most care: Keep away from oils or waters.

Sterling silver ,.925 silver,silver plated jewelry: Do require good care however, if it becomes tarnished, it is usually removable by using a simple dry cloth. Sterling silver,.925 and rhodium can interact with water, although we don't recommend it.

Gold plated/Brass: Requires the same amount of care as simple costume jewelry. Since it is not karat gold, it will and can tarnish over time.However if you are careful it can stay looking beautiful for a very long time.

Rhodium Plated: Is stated not to tarnish at all but to be sure treat it as sterling silver jewelry

Stainless Steel,Titanium,Aluminum: Is the most durable of all. You can dip it in water,grease,dirt,oil, pretty much anything and it will look the same as the day you purchased it (however it is scratchable). That's why it's called "stainless".

Handcrafted Items: If you item is handcrafted and breaks we will gladly fix it up to ONE year. After one year it is judged on a case by case basis.


Lapis Lazuli: Lapis is a very soft stone on the hardness scale. Do not submerge in water or it will damage the stone.

Crystals: Sunlight can change/fade a crystals cooler. Do not put in direct sunlight or UV light.

Amethyst/Rubies/Aquamarine/Garnet: Amethyst is also affected by sunlight and can cause the stone to change colors or fade away. Washing with a cloth or toothbrush is fine to clean the stone.

We will add more gemstones as we add more gemstone jewelry pieces to the store.

Jewelry Cleaner: Is good option to clean sterling silver,gold (not plated) and certain gemstones but do not over do it. If you leave your jewelry in jewelry cleaner or use it too much, you can still ruin the jewelry.

Movement: Although most jewelry can take a hit, be careful not to randomly hit your jewelry against objects like tables, during exercising, while lifting items.


Just treat your jewelry with care and it will treat you back with its beauty.If it seems like a bad idea, don't do it.